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review of progress and plans for FY23

Posted by Morgan White on June 6, 2022

Professor Yun Yi, Tom Keller, Kelly Jo Hoffmann, and Morgan White met to review the progress on the Energy Models for Campus Facilities project.

The Energy models were created for these facilities by an Architecture class:

  • 0154 – Personnel Services Bldg. – Packaged chiller, steam perimeter heat, constant volume fan-coil units.
  • 1528 – African Am. Cultural Ctr. – VAV.
  • 0209 – Speech and Hearing – AHUs replaced recently and a small/medium sized building. VAV.
  • 0075 – Children’s Research Ctr. - AHUs replaced recently and a small/medium sized building. Constant volume re-heat.

There were two model types created for each facility, and a pdf report. Dr. Yi has sent us the energy models, and he will send us the pdf reports. We can share those with the Energy iCAP Team, UES, and put them into the FIR records.

Dr. Yi will meet with Tom to review the energy model details and provide access to the energy modeling software for us to review the actual native files.

We will proceed with doing this again, so how do we identify the buildings to do? Criteria? We would prefer many smaller buildings over a few larger buildings.  Energy modeling software is also not sophisticated enough for Here are some potential options:

  1. RIPE Greenhouse
  2. Transportation Building
  3. Architecture Building
  4. TBH
  5. LER
  6. Lincoln Hall
  7. Fred Turner Student Services Building
  8. Harker Hall
  9. ACES Library

Yun will review this list, and talk with F&S again to finalize the building selection for this coming year. Then we need to provide drawings, via FIR. Yun will identify a TA for the class, and potentially the summer as well. Yun will find a TA to replace Fizza Hassan, since she graduated.