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RFID Tag Fix Situation

Posted by Shreya Mahajan on January 15, 2020

From: Pai, Shantanu <>

Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 7:55 PM

To: Hiser, Daniel William <>
Cc: Varney, Peter W <>; Patterson, Shawn L <>

Subject: Loadman game plan



Just spoke to John from Loadman and here's what I think we should do next. If the RFID tags we put in today at Orchard Downs don't get read in the morning route we should call Randy and have him come fix it. John helped me set up a view so I can see which tags get read and which don't  this way we can move forward with the iron workers on best locations for the tags as well. This is within the warranty of the system and would be something he should fix. In the meantime because we have all the landfill bins mapped by address on our Excel sheet we can geolocate them and start assigning pans to buildings. Once the RFID tag situation is fixed the tags can be added to it by John at Loadman.