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Robert O'Daniell's Involvement and ChargePoint Session

Posted by Alec McKay on August 20, 2021

The following email from Robert O'Daniell to Morgan White describes some of O'Daniell's involvement with EVs on campus.

The file attached below details one of O'Daniell's ChargePoint Sessions.


From: Robert O'Daniell
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2021 12:45 PM
To: White, Morgan
Subject: Prologue then a question or two.


I’m reminded that the best way to advocate for yourself is to advocate for all subject to the condition. 

I’m slowly talking to people as they charge their EV is public places. 

.   .   .    . and trying a charger or two as I visit all the public charging places in the county 

from me at UI B4. 

Some thoughts as I proceed.   

How many if any of the EV Charging task force drive PHEVs and how many drive  BEVs.

I recall reading somewhere that you will come up with the survey questions for EV users on campus. I you think it might help, I would be happy to read those questions and reply with any questions I would want to answer if I received that survey.  

If there is some part of the EV discussion that you think I might have the most to add, please let me know. 

Robert K. O'Daniell
Photographer Emeritus-News-Gazette

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