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SLMC report and invitation to present

Posted by Quinn Connolly on October 19, 2022

Below is an email exchange between Jennifer Fraterrigo and Adam Davis:

Hi Adam,


Madhu mentioned that you agreed to summarize the work and any future plans of the SLMC in a 1-pg report. Once we have the report, we will post it on the iCAP Portal along with the charge letter:


Would you be available to present the accomplishments of the SLMC at the upcoming Sustainability Sub-Council and Council meetings? I am thinking 5 min would be enough to cover the three responsibilities listed in the charge letter and any related developments, but let me know if more time is needed. The Sub-Council will meet from 11:00 – 12:00 on Thurs, Nov 17 and the Sustainability Council will meet from 2:30 – 4:00 on Tues, Dec 13.





Hi Jen,


I’m happy to speak to these groups; five minutes should be fine. I’ve attached the short summary of committee activity and current follow-up activity.






I attached the report from Adam. I propose we discuss with Madhu next week during the management meeting before posting to the iCAP portal.