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Projects Updates for Sustainable Land Management Committee

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  1. Sustainability Council Meeting 12-13-22

    The Sustainability Council met on 12-13-22 and discussed the following agenda:

    • Zero Waste
    • Energy Planning
    • Strategic Plan
    • Old Business
      - Sustainability General Education Requirement
      - Sustainable Land Management Committee Report

    The meeting minutes and slide deck are attached. 

  2. Sustainability Sub-Council Meeting Minutes 3-30-22

    The Sustainability Sub-Council met on 3-30-22 in preparation of the Sustainability Council meeting. The agenda was as follows: 

    • Introductions
    • Sustainable Land Management (for South Farms)
    • Waste Reduction Strategies
    • Updates – Campus Landscape Master Plan, Sustainability Gen Ed requirement
    • STARS report

    The meeting minutes and PowerPoint presentation are attached. 

  3. Sustainable Land Management Committee Meeting 9-17-21

    The committee convened for the first time on 9-17-21 to discuss priorities and next steps to accomplish the committee charges:

    1. Develop plan for evaluating/inventorying existing sustainable land management practices on the South Farms on non-research land, and for increasing the sustainability of SF land mgt. practices.
    2. Update Agronomy Handbook with relevant, sustainable BMPs
    3. Work with interested tenants on University-owned land to showcase the recommended sustainable land management practices in the updated Agronomy Handbook.

    The presentation is attached. 

  4. ALUFS004 South Farm Management Plan - Successful

    The Sustainability Sub-Council discussed and approved this recommendation at the March 18, 2021 meeting.  The meeting minutes are online at:

    The key next steps are:

    • Form “Sustainable Land Management Committee” with both ACES and non-ACES representation (e.g., iSEE, F&S, UI System, Ag Property Management, Engineering, etc.)
    • Madhu will work with ACES to form this committee, which will focus on incorporating sustainable land management practices on South Farms, extension opportunities, and updating agronomy handbook and recommended set of practices
    • South Farms will ultimately be an example of how to demonstrate sustainability practices and will connect with farmers who are willing and engaged with these practices

    See iWG assessment started for ALUFS004 South Farm Management Plan here.

    See SWATeam recommendation ALUFS004 South Farm Management Plan here.

    For future updates on this effort, visit Sustainable Land Management Committee.

  5. Sustainability Council Meeting 4-28-21

    The Sustainability Council met on April 28, 2021 and discussed the following: 

    • iCAP Dashboard
    • Post-pandemic Implications for iCAP 
    • Student Sustainability Leadership Council
    • Engagement001: General Education Board Sustainability Task Committee
    • Land Management
    • Overview of F&S Energy Management Plan 
    • Energy004: ACES Energy Performance Contract 

    See PowerPoint attached.

  6. Sustainability Land Management Committee Charge Letter

    Madhu Khanna, iSEE Interim Director, sent out a charge letter inviting colleagues to serve on the ISEE-ACES-F&S Sustainable Land Management Committee. As a newly founded committee, it is designed to evaluate and incorporate sustainable land management practices at the University of Illinois South Farms on non-research land and beyond the campus boundaries on some of the University-owned land.

    The letter expanded on the goals of the committee, as well as its responsibilities to drive initiatives forward.

    Read the letter in the attached files below.