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Student Affairs Research Approval (SARA) process for the sample of students for Mode Choice Survey

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on March 21, 2022

Since iNews Newsletter does not allow surveys, F&S TDM had to get permission from DMI and Student Affairs to reach out to a large populations of Undergraduate students.

Sarthak Prasad requested Division of Management Information (DMI) a sample of randomly selected Undergraduate students for the Mode Choice Survey in last week of February. DMI asked to complete the Student Affairs Research Approval (SARA) application to sample 5,000 UG students. Sarthak Prasad filled out the SARA request on March 1, 2022. Dr. Beth Hoag approved the SARA request to sample 5,000 UG students and forwarded it to the DMI contacts. 

Ting Lu from DMI created 2 identical groups of randomly selected 5,000 UG student emails and shared them with Sarthak Prasad on 3/18/22 via Webtools. Each group could only be used once.

There was a $16/hour cost to create a sample - overall cost was $64.