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student reports

Posted by Morgan White on May 12, 2014

     In March through May 2014, ten undergrads in NRES 285 chose to evaluate a variety of UIUC sustainability projects.  All of the projects selected were supported by financing from the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC).

  1. Solar photovoltaic system on BIF
  2. Solar thermal system on ARC
  3. Solar photovoltaic system and electric vehicles at Sustainable Student Farm (SSF)
  4. Wood-burning furnace at Allerton Park
  5. LEDs at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
  6. Green roof on Art & Design
  7. Vermicomposting at SSF
  8. Red Oak rain garden
  9. Prairie garden at Vet Med
  10. Bike shop

     The students were guided to ask questions about the effectiveness of the projects.  The objective was to develop evaluations of how well the projects achieved the relevant goals and what could be learned from these actions.