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Suggestion for Reducing Plastic Waste

Posted by Kejsi Ago on May 19, 2022

From: Fraterrigo, Jennifer M <jmf at>
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2022 5:27 PM
To: Brown Young, Danita M <dbyoung at>
Cc: Moore, Meredith Kaye <mkm0078 at>; White, Morgan <mbwhite at>
Subject: swag for new students


Dear Vice Chancellor Young,


I am writing to follow up about reducing plastic waste and how we might accomplish that through the swag new students receive when they arrive on campus. At the Sustainability Council meeting last week, you mentioned that students are given water bottles, reusable straws and utensils, which is great! We wanted to explore with you the possibility of giving students a coupon that could be redeemed for a water bottle of their choosing instead of giving them a standard water bottle. The reason is that we think students might value a bottle more if they select it rather than if they are given a standard bottle.


Thanks for considering it and looking forward to hearing from you.






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