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Projects Updates for Sustainability Council

  1. iWG meeting minutes April 9th, 2018

  2. EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 recommendation - Transmittal

    The SWATeam recommendation, eGen007 Solar Farm 2.0, was transmitted to the Sustainability Council and was presented during their meeting on December 7, 2017.

    For future updates, please refer to Solar Farm 2.0.

    See iWG assessment of EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 here.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 here.

  3. Conservation Budget Recommendation (ECONS003) - Chacellor's approval

  4. March 2017 Sustainability Council Recommendations Approved

  5. EGen003 PPA term recommendation - Successful

    Following the completion of the iWG Assessment, the EGen003 PPA Term recommendation was discussed at the Sustainability Council meeting in March 2017.  In June 2017, Provost Wilkins said, "On behalf of the Chancellor, I'm writing to convey approval of the recommendations. Please do begin encouraging action on the items mentioned. Thank you and the rest of the Council for the diligent and forward-looking thinking on these items."

    Regarding the EGen003 PPA Term, the next steps are "When the next RFP for a clean energy PPA is planned, seek campus / system approval to request pricing for both a 10 year agreement and a 20 year agreement, through Prairieland Energy, Inc."

    See Sustainability Council approvals here.

    See transmittal of EGen003 PPA Term here. 

    See iWG Assessment of EGen003 PPA Term here.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen003 PPA Term here.

    For future updates on this topic, please see Power Purchase Agreements for Clean Energy

  6. March 2017 Sustainability Council Recommendations & Next Steps

    Director of iSEE, Evan DeLucia, summarized three recommendations presented at the March 2017 Sustainability Council meeting: EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standard, EGen003 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Timeline, and ECons003 Conservation Budget, as well as the next steps, for Chancellor Jones’ approval.

    We followed up with the Sustainability Council on April 25, 2017, with the attached file.

    See Transmittal of EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standards here.

    See iWG Assessment for SWATeam recommendation EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standard here.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standards here.

    See Transmittal of EGen003 PPA term to the Sustainability Council here.

    See iWG Assessment of EGen003 PPA Term here.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen003 PPA Term here.

    See Transmittal of ECONS003 Conservation Budget to the Provost Office

    See iWG Assessment of ECONS003 Conservation Budget

    ee SWATeam Recommendation of ECONS003 Conservation Budget


  7. iWG meeting agenda March 28, 2017

  8. iWG meeting minutes March 28, 2017

  9. Conservation Budget Recommendation (ECONS003) - Transmittal to the Council

    ECONS003 Conservation Budget Recommendation was transmitted to the Office of the Provost on March 6, 2017. The Council discussed the recommendation at this meeting.

    See iWG Assessment of ECONS003 Conservation Budget

    See SWATeam Recommendation of ECONS003 Conservation Budget

  10. Jul 9 2015 Minutes

    see file

    Several SWATeam recommendations were discussed.  Also, an update from the Sustainability Council was provided:

    "Review of Council Meeting/Status of iCAP Approval - The Sustainability Council meeting went very well with lots of good discussion. There were not too many serious objections to the iCAP. They would like to see financial information, such as cost-benefit analysis on projects. This information will be included in the study for accelerating our carbon neutrality date. The cover letter from the Chancellor affirming our commitment will include language about the current fiscal climate in Illinois. The Chancellor was keen to be able to reach carbon neutrality by 2035. Other concerns were in regard to the net zero space item and they suggested a space audit be included in the iCAP."

  11. update from Ben McCall

    Dear iWG Members,

    Attached is the complete "Version 2" of the 2015 iCAP, which I have just sent out to the SWATeams.  I'd be grateful if you could look through the document and think about what, if any, big picture topics we should plan to discuss at our meeting next week...and then please drop me an email with your suggestions.

    By the way, our first Sustainability Council meeting yesterday was a great success -- thanks in large part to all of your help in targeting the level of the presentation.  I heard indirectly that the Chancellor and the VCR both thought the presentation was just at the right level of detail, and the entire group seemed to be engaged in the process.

    Thanks again for all of your help,


    <<link to SWATeam message>>

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