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Bevier Café’s - Aquaponics System Demonstration Unit (In Progress)

Recent Project Updates

  • 6/4/2024

    Below is an update from Carter Phillips:


  • 1/16/2022

    The SSLC underwent many changes under the new leadership of co-presidents Owen Jennings, Maiah Caise, Jack Reicherts, and Maria Maring.

Project Family


This project created an aquaponics system that serves as a demonstrative unit on campus to spread sustainability awareness and illustrate the effectiveness of aquaponics in a small area. The goal of aquaponics is to create a closed ecosystem in which both plants and fish benefit and grow. Produce and fish grown in the system are harvested served by Food Science students at the Bevier Café. (Pictures attached of a Tilapia dish served with Tasoi greens, grown side by side in the system)

Aquaponics has the potential to produce large quantities of both vegetables and fish with minimal inputs and nearly no negative outputs. The project teams' desire is to establish a base system from which the possibility to expand exists.

This project is student-led and contains an educational elements of aquaponics like planting, feeding, harvesting, and maintenance schedules. This proposal is linked to the Hospitality Management Program in the department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and provides a hands on learning experience for students. Tours of the Aquaponics system and Bevier Café’s indoor herb garden are available upon request.


This idea for this proposal was generated out of the student sustainability course GCL 127. The course challenged students to create a sustainability project that would be submitted to the Student Sustainability Council for funding. Justin Vozzo was completing his undergraduate work in NRES and was awarded funding to build the system. Shortly after completion Justin approached Chef Carter Phillips at the Bevier Café to use the food being produced in the system. The Bevier Café (room 298 Bevier Hall) now maintains the system and utilizes the produce and fish in their menus.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Carter Phillips

    Project Leader:

    Illini Urban Farmers