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update from Bart

Posted by Morgan White on January 14, 2015

From: Bartels, Bart A
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 11:14 AM
To: Johnston, Morgan B; Osby, Tracy L; Welch, Ryan B
Subject: Recycling on the Quad recap

Hi All,

Here is an overview of yesterday’s meeting.  Please let me know if I have misunderstood anything or left something out.  I have attached a worddoc version if you prefer to read from that.



·         is going to pick up one case of 33 gallon liners from Tracy and take them to Ryan’s storage area near the Quad.

·         Needs to contact Sean in the sign shop to change the recycling lid signage from “Funded by SSC” to “Partially Funded by SSC”.

·         Will coordinate collecting the lids and get them to the sign shop for sandblasting and painting.

·         Get Ryan a copy of the map.  Review with Ryan for changes.

·         Send Ryan an overview of the Recycling experiment with Housing


·         his team is going to use the liners in the recycling bins.  The idea is to pick up the recycling as needed and place the bags in the Green garbage truck to then be dropped off at the south bay of the WTS.  Adjustments could eventually be made to the process in an attempt to solve any problems.  Options could include:

o   Not using liners and instead making two separate runs through the Quad, one for recycling and then one for landfill.  The recycling could be hauled to the WTS or bagged and dropped off in one of the dumpsters.

o   Pick up recycling and landfill on alternating days.

·         Will take care of moving the bins into place and contacting the iron workers to get them secured.

·         Will check out his storage area for extra bin lids.  Any extra lids could be used to reduce the amount of time the Quad bins would have to go without a lid.



·         complete lid signage

·         get liners to Ryan


·         collect lids and take to sign shop for sandblasting, painting, and signage application

·         Take completed recycling lids and put them back out on the Quad

·         Run recycling bin experiment with Housing


·         On Spring Break, move bins into position and have iron workers bolt them down

·         Launch the project following spring break with student volunteers leading promotion


·         End the project and review for changes that could include expansion, adaptation, or reversing course. 


New Bins                                        $12,000

New Signage                                    $1500

Sandblasting and Painting lids   $3000

Transporting Bins to campus     $1000

ISTC Waste Audits                         $5000

TOTAL                                             $22,500