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Update from Ben McCall

Posted by Morgan White on November 14, 2014

Dear SWATeam Members,

First of all, thank you so much for the very thoughtful input for the revised Illinois Climate Action Plan!  The iCAP Working Group is currently in the process of folding everything together into a consistent format, and reviewing the recommendations.  Our hope is that by the 21st or shortly thereafter, we will have a fairly complete draft to circulate to you for your feedback.  We'll need to ask you for a quick review, as we will be presenting the next draft to the Sustainability Council on December 8th for their comments. [We will hold a public comment period in January, and then we are targeting Sustainability Council approval in March, and Chancellor approval in April.]

Second, I wanted to encourage your teams (if you have not already done so) to begin whatever process you think makes sense for constituting your Consultation Groups.  I know that at least one team (Energy Generation) has begun this process, but I suspect others have not, since we've been receiving inquiries from interested participants wondering when they will be contacted.

Third, I'd like to remind you that in some sense the work of the SWATeams is just beginning...we are counting on your teams to make specific recommendations for new policies or actions that campus units should be undertaking to meet our iCAP goals.  I attach the template that should be used for these recommendations; completed templates can be submitted to me via email at any time.  Please bear in mind that formal SWATeam recommendations are public documents that will be posted on the iSEE website.

Thanks again for all of your help in making our campus more sustainable!