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update on project progress

Posted by Morgan White on March 24, 2014

Ken Buenting, Sharon Ball, Eva Sweeney, Morgan Johnston, and Ryan Wild met to review progress on the LED Exit Sign work.  Ken reported great progress with four buildings complete and one in progress: Grainger, RAL, Animal Sciences Lab, and the Engineering Sciences Building.  They are in Turner Hall now.  Just over $24K has been spent so far through the contractor.  They will move on to the Main Library and the Education Building next.

The current implementation process is as follows:

  1. Ryan Wild and Morgan Johnston work with others to identify the priority list of buildings.
  2. Eva Sweeney will review records to ascertain whether the fixtures are connected to an emergency generator or will need battery backup.
  3. Sharon Ball and team will do the initial count of fixtures.
  4. Ken Buenting will direct the hired contractor to replace the existing fixtures and provide data sheets for our records.
  5. Eva Sweeney and Ryan Wild will identify additional signage installation needs.
  6. Ken will direct the F&S electricians to install the additional signs.

Eva had Ken remove Temple Buell Hall from the list because it is being handled through another project.  Also, through other funding, South studio five and seven were completed.