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Week 2 - Tips and Resources

Posted by Meredith Moore on March 14, 2021

Hello! You are almost halfway through the Plastic Free Challenge - wow! With over 130 of us participating, in just two weeks we have already created positive change in our community and world. Think of all the plastic waste we have avoided and the waste we will continue to reduce over the next two weeks! 

We loved hearing about your experiences during the first week, and we are very impressed with your insightful comments and creative ideas, such as switching to dryer balls instead of single-use dryer sheets and creating your own self-care products instead of buying plastic containers (even though they may be recyclable!). Many of you have great goals for this week, such as going one whole day without generating any waste (and not compensating by throwing away more the day before or after) and going on a walk to pick up litter every day. Keep it up!

This week, let’s continue trying to target plastic waste with purchasing power and when you are out and about. Avoiding single-use plastics is tough, especially during this COVID-19 period when some stores are not allowing customers to bring reusable coffee cups or bags. We urge you to ask, or write to, the stores you shop at to revisit their reusable items policy, as many stores have recently lifted their ban on reusable items. Communication is key, and it shows that people want to do the right thing. Not sure how to start buying in bulk? Here is a great step-by-step guideCheck out the attached "Week 2 Tip Guide" for more details and ideas on how to earn "negative" points for the week.

Please remember to submit the Week 2 Google Form and upload your grid by Monday, March 15. We have reattached the grid and point system if needed. As always, please reach out to us with any questions, comments, or feedback. If you recently signed up for the challenge, or if you wish to revisit our previous emails/resources, check out this Box folder.

We look forward to checking in with you again on Sunday. And remember,

"Plan ahead . . . bring reusables instead!"

Craving more resources? Check out UPSTREAM and this great list: 

Thank you!

Meredith Moore, iSEE Sustainability Programs Coordinator 

Emily Dickett, iSEE Sustainability Intern