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Weekly Update

Posted by Morgan White on December 3, 2018

All, Winter is upon us! Visitor numbers are still relatively high, considering the cold weather, which is a great sign. We have one student in every week who’s still plugging away at his B-a-B. Most others have abandoned them and I have had the staff reclaim them as shop builds.


Last week I finished and delivered the bike that’ll be raffled off at the Staff Appreciation Week. I worked up a checklist for the future days when I’ll need the student staff to run open hours for me. Safety checked a few more bikes and worked on inventory.


This week I’ll need to begin looking at reallocating space for how many shop builds we have. Most of the front area of the shop is all for-sale bikes so now we’ll need to start a row in the back.


I’ll also be getting in touch with VeoRide about a possible partnership for getting more people on bikes.


The numbers:

Visitors: 58
Sales: $61
Memberships:  1 for $30



  • Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager