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Projects Updates for Bike Share with Veo

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  1. Daily Illini article: UI updates partnership with Veo Cosmo trial

    Associated Project(s): 

    Read the article online at: This article was published on November 14. 2023.


    UI updates partnership with Veo Cosmo trial By , November 14, 2023 Veo+bikes+sit+in+front+of+Wohlers+Hall+on+Nov.+10.     Anh-Khoi Pham Veo bikes sit in front of Wohlers Hall on Nov. 10.    

    After the positive feedback surrounding Veo’s campus pilot program introduced in May, the University will continue its partnership with the transportation service and promote e-bike safety on campus.

    The University began its partnership with Veo Micromobility, a bike-share company promoting the availability of clean transportation, in 2019. The partnership allowed students to pay to use bikes and scooters through the Veo app.

    Over the summer, stemming from community demand, Veo launched a campus pilot project to introduce motorized class 2 e-bikes. Also known as Cosmo models, these bikes were meant to expand upon the University’s existing rideshare program.

    According to an article posted by the bike company Aventon, class 2 e-bikes differ from the previously offered bikes and scooters by providing “assistance when pedaling” and having “a maximum speed of 20 mph with a throttle.”

    Sarthak Prasad, sustainable transportation assistant at Facilities & Services, said that the partnership has improved transportation accessibility both on and off campus.

    “Veo is providing a service to campus for our students, whether it’s for general use, recreational use or fun,” Prasad said. “For the community outside the University, they have added a value for lower-income families.”

    However, Aidan Joyce, sophomore in LAS, said that the pricing of Veo rentals prevents him from using the service more.

    “I think that if (Veo) actually lowered the prices, then more people would use the new bikes,” Joyce said.

    Since the introduction of the Cosmo e-bikes, Prasad said that minimal safety and vandalism issues have been noticed by the University administration. Despite this, certain questions about e-bike safety for pedestrians on campus have arisen. 

    “There have been a few minor safety concerns, and we’re working with Veo on those things,” Prasad said. “It’s not just Veo — it’s with the increase in the number of e-bikes and e-scooters that we see on campus.”

    Prasad emphasized that the University is currently working on educational campaigns that promote bicycle, e-bike and e-scooter safety, including how to safely ride your bicycle while being aware of your surroundings. 

    Another issue that has arisen from the introduction of the Cosmo bikes has been the protection of public spaces for non-Veo cyclists. 

    Geofencing, the GPS technology Veo uses to ensure bikes do not enter specific “no-ride zones,” has also failed to prevent certain inconveniences for typical bikers on campus.

    “There are a couple of issues that we have seen with the geofencing restrictions,” Prasad said. “If Cosmo e-bikes are taking up all or a lot of the spaces, then there’s not enough room for people with personal bicycles to park in that area.”

    However, despite these minor issues resulting from the introduction of class 2 e-bikes, Prasad said that the response surrounding the campus pilot program was overall favorable.

    “There was a community feedback request back at the end of summer, and the response was very positive from the community towards this program,” Prasad said. 


  2. Veo Cosmo-e feedback form, Pilot extended

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    Veo Cosmo-e pilot feedback form has ended. The preliminary results shows support to bring the Cosmo-e to the campus, and the pilot has been extended into the fall semester. We will review the comments in more detail over the next few weeks and publish the final report.

  3. Cosmo-e pilot on campus this summer

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    Beginning Monday, May 22, the university and bike sharing partner Veo will launch a pilot program to explore the use of Cosmo-e bikes on the Urbana campus. During the trial, the motorized class two e-bikes will be allowed to operate on university streets and dedicated bicycle lanes. Rental bikes were previously restricted to pedaling only in these areas.

    The program will run through Monday, August 7, at which point the ridership data and community feedback will be used to review the status of the service and determine future usage guidelines for the bikes before the start of the fall semester. Requirements for the pilot will also consist of strict geofencing restrictions for the class two e-bikes to protect pedestrian safety by properly balancing active transportation modes, including the following:

    • Enforcing no-ride zones for the Main Quad, South Quad, Bardeen Quad, North Quad, Ikenberry Quad, and the trails of the Arboretum
    • Maintaining existing prohibitions for sidewalks and multi-use shared paths
    • Allowing parking only in designated university bicycle racks
    • Regulating slower device speeds while on campus property (8 MPH maximum in primary areas)

    Riders will receive more information, such as route maps and general reminders, from Veo before the pilot program begins. For questions about the upcoming pilot, contact Additional resources are available on the Bike at Illinois website

    Improving mobility options for students, faculty, and staff continues to be one of the university’s top transportation priorities. The pilot is the latest example of collaborative efforts to offer greater bike sharing availability and flexibility while maintaining the highest safety standards throughout the U of I’s jurisdictional locations.

    Read more at Campus Pilot Project for Veo Motorized Bikes



  4. Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) spring 2023

  5. Law student group - weekly meeting 2/15/23

    Associated Project(s): 

    Sarthak Prasad met with Warren Lavey, Matt Musipa, Emily Sajkowski, and Habeeb Adekola on Feb 8, 2023. We discussed the concession agreement and the dissolution of the Bike Share IGA between the City of Champaign, City of Urbana, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and to incorporate the relevant information from the IGA to the concession agreement.

    The student group will share the draft amendment during the next week's meeting. Sarthak Prasad will get them a contract template (ZipCar) for reference. The student group will send the final draft by Friday, February 24, 2023, so that Sarthak Prasad can do a final review before sending it to the Contract Specialist by Feb 28, 2023.

  6. Law student group - Update to the Veo Contracts

    Associated Project(s): 

    Sarthak Prasad met with Warren Lavey on Feb 3, 2023 to discuss the possibility of working with some students from Department of Law  to work on the amendment of the University's concession agreement with Veo. Matt Musipa, Habeeb Adekola, and Emily Sajkoski showed interest in this project. The initial introductory meeting was held on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 with all mentioned to discuss the project and the timeline. F&S TDM has to provide the Contract Specialist with the suggested amendments by the end of February.

  7. Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) fall 2022

  8. Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) spring 2022

    Please see attached the final presentation for the CTAC spring 2022. We also talked about abandoned bicycles and Campus Landscape Master Plan during this meeting. Also watch the meeting recording and read the chat from during the meeting: