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Weekly Update

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on February 26, 2019

All, Last week was a little out of the ordinary: we hosted Agora Days classes at to the Bike Center in collaboration with University High School. 5 students came every morning Tuesday – Friday from 11 – 12:30pm. I taught basic bicycle repairs and provided some hands-on practice with them. Overall they seemed to enjoy themselves. A big thanks to Phillip for organizing the event!

I’ve started a new employee, Maria, and in the process of hiring two more to help with the spring and summer as a few staff are leaving after this semester.

Last week we took in six brand new bikes as donations here at the Bike Center and have been working to get those tuned up and ready for sale. It will be a little odd to have them on the sales floor as they are new, shiny, and not a “used” bike in the sense that we usually employ the term. Big thanks to Corey for orchestrating the logistics and transporting the bikes!

Courtesy of F&S the Bike Center will take possession of a new bike trailer. It’s small but very much a cargo trailer (no kid seats). Will be great for hauling smaller boxes! I’ll go pick it up this week.


The numbers:

Visitors: 48

Sales: $301

Bikes (refurb): 2 for $260

Tire/tube: 3 for $18

Jake Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Manager