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Weekly Update

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on May 13, 2019

All, Shortened week for myself as I was out of town Thursday and Friday. The student staff operated hours in my absence. No incidents or troubles. Their chief issues were related to the Shop Builds, so that’s a win-win.
This week I have the Student Employment Symposium on Tuesday that conflicts with hours so I will again have students cover. I’ll be back in time to close up shop. I also have a potential new hire coming in to volunteer this week and sort of try the job out for a bit.

Thanks to Todd for grabbing scrap and whoever delivered new spoke wrenches, as they were sorely needed.


Visitors: 97

Sales:  $751.30
Bike (refurb): 1 for $150
Bike (B-a-B): 1 for $125
Memberships: 6 for $180
Tire/tubes: 17 for $152



Jake Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Manager