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Weekly Update - BFU celebration meeting, CBC visitis

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on December 9, 2019

All, Pretty slow over here as per usual for this time of year. On Thursday and Friday of last week we had a few CBC alums stop in so that was a welcomed surprise. Always nice to see former student staff.

We’re on the radar and a regular contact for the UI claims office when they’ve got damaged bicycles. Diversifying our donation stream is always welcome—especially when it’s in-house here with the University.
This week we’ve got a BFU celebration at 2p on Wednesday at F&S. I’ll notify staff to cover open hours while I attend that. I like our BFU silver status and cupcakes, too. Win-win! We’ll continue building bikes and culling parts this week. I’ll be getting the final count on staff availability for next week as it’s nearing finals. Our team will be leaner and meaner, as the expression goes, as we approach the holiday break.
The numbers:

Visitors: 57
Sales: $231.50
Memberships: 2 for $60
Tires/tubes: 9 for $63


Jacob Benjamin
Manager, Campus Bike Center