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Weekly Update: Interview with Buzz Magazine, Fix-a-Flat, Bike Maintenance 101

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on April 5, 2021

All,This week projects to be a busy one as the temps climb into the 70s.
Last week I had an interview with Buzz Magazine and we had our Fix-a-Flat class on Wednesday evening. It was well-attended with 3 participants. Our first Friday Ride was a no-show as it was still, I guess, a little chilly for most people. Personally, 60 and sunny is delightful weather to ride a bike. Elsewhere, I also worked with Todd to clear out some bikes at the warehouse. One guy came by specifically asking for the Bike@Illinois seat cover. I happily obliged.
This week we have another after-hours class on Wednesday (Bike Maintenance 101) and another Friday Ride.
Campus Rec IT came by on Friday and set up our new phone, new number, and email address. I worked with Barry to get this new number hooked into TBP communications. The phone will ring in the lobby, which will be much easier to hear and answer than just having my office line.

The numbers:

Visitors: 18
Sales: $677.50
Memberships: 5 for $150
Bikes (refurb): 2 for $370
Tire/tubes: 4 for $29



Jacob Benjamin
Manager, Campus Bike Center