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Weekly Update - Keeping it Cool and Returned Bike

Posted by Vincenzo Spagnola on July 19, 2019



The one day last week that it wasn’t blazing hot was the one day we were really busy. But we’re always at the whim of the weather. Other than the one busy day, it was business as usual.


We got a new giant fan delivered by the maintenance crew which has been a great help. Keeps things manageably cool in here. Don, the guy we did a bike exchange with, brought us a case of bottled water from Meijer, which was also awesome.


The real big news was the bike we were able to return to its rightful owner. A woman donated a bike that she said was abandoned in front of her apartment. With assistance from Durst, we were able to track down the original owner who came and picked it up on Friday. It was a good start to the weekend!


Outside of the regular day-to-day I’ll be training a new hire and looking to rig up some weatherproofing for the garage doors to keep it a little cooler in here as we look towards the super-hot end of the week we’re expecting.

Visitors: 75
Sales: $582.75
Bikes (refurb): 3 for $301
Membership: 3 for $90
Tire/tubes: 11 for $60



Jacob Benjamin
Manager, Campus Bike Center