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Weekly Update: Kids bike give away; Build-a-Bike

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on June 27, 2022

All, Last week we were able to fix up and give away 10 kids bikes to ISCU (Immigrant Services of Champaign-Urbana). Great to pass along valuable bikes to a valuable cause, and nice to clear some space in the Bike Center. We also virtually sold out of bikes, as we were down to a single for-sale bike on Wednesday. Fixed up 2 more for Friday but that’s likely not going to cut it, so we’ll move to finish a few more builds this week.

We had one person start on a Build-a-Bike on Friday. Hopefully should be done today or Wednesday.


Visitors: 31

Sales: $1,289.80
Bikes (refurb): 4 for $$675

Memberships: 7 or $210
Tire/tubes: 3 for $24


Jacob Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Coordinator