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Weekly Update - Long waitlist

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on September 9, 2019

All, Last week was crazy busy. A couple of my staffers were sick or injured, leaving me well understaffed. We had a waiting list 2 – 3 deep every day. On Friday there were six or so people on the waiting list and I think most just abandoned the idea of being able to get any fixing time. Our model of first come, first served is a little problematic in that way—especially when stands are occupied with B-a-Bs that last the entirety of open hours. Down the line, separating open hours from B-a-Bs might be a good idea for the super crazy months.
This week I am heading over to the warehouse to look at this year’s crop of bikes. Parking said there are hardly any good ones but I’m fine with that. Fewer total bikes is a win in my book!
Thanks to Todd for grabbing scrap this weekend.


The numbers:
Visitors: 89
Sales: $1,282.20
Memberships: 25 for $750
Build-a-Bike: 2 for $65
Tire/tubes: 18 for $139



Jacob Benjamin
Manager, Campus Bike Center