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Weekly Update: Moving bikes from warehouse; Traffic safety

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on November 2, 2020

All, Slow week again. Grabbed a few more bikes from the warehouse. I’ve been given clearance to remove all the remaining bikes, so I’ll be doing that in small doses for the rest of the semester. I’ll bring some of my staff along to help. Moving bikes around is a lot easier for college-aged kids anyway.

I spoke with a UIPD officer last week about traffic safety after I had some close encounters with vehicles on campus. We’ve tentatively planned to do a meet and greet/talk next semester with my staff and UIPD to cover road safety on campus. It’ll be great to have the ear of enforcement on cycling issues and in the end, be better cycling advocates to the community.


Visitors: 6
Sales: $228.00
Memberships: 1 for $60
Bike Sales (refurb): 1 for $160
Misc parts: 2 for $8



Jacob Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Manager