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Weekly Update - New semester, B-a-B

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on January 27, 2020

All, First week of the semester is in the books! We were busy at times, and characteristically slow for the majority of the week. Sold a few bikes.

This week I’ve got another interview and hopefully it’ll work out so we can get our staff numbers back up. I’ll probably make a run to the warehouse to pick up a few more bikes since we’re out of B-a-B candidates/shop builds and a run to Urbana to drop off excess stock in advance of moving.

The numbers:

Visitors: 56

Sales: $478.50

Bikes (refurb): 2 for $305

Memberships: 1 for $30

Tire/tubes: 3 for $11



Jacob Benjamin
Manager, Campus Bike Center