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Weekly Update: New staffer, Friday Rides

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on May 2, 2022

All, Friday—warm weather and a Friday—meant a busy day. Rest of the week was slower. A new staffer started last week, which was a great help.

This week looks warmer so we’ll be busier, likely. Will get some bikes finished and do some more onboarding with new staff. We have a weather radio and a regular radio here now to communicate with DCR staff as needed.

Our Friday Ride events concluded last Friday with a decent showing and a ride to Meadowbrook and back. I’ll gauge staff interest in keeping them going this summer and we’ll definitely look to restart them in Aug/Sept when students are back full-time.

The numbers:

Visitors: 53
Sales: $866
Bikes (refurb): 2 for $340
Memberships: 7 for $210
Tubes/tires: 23 for $141


Jacob Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Coordinator