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Weekly Update: Slow week; Bike sales; Employment at CBC; Bike registration

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on July 20, 2021

All, Slow-ish week on the whole. Some rainy weather kept it quiet for a day or two. We’re holding steady with 20 – 25 bikes for sale as we’ve been able to keep up with the pace of sales. We got two donations late on Friday, one of which had nearly nothing wrong with it, and thusly was fixed up and on the sales floor within an hour.

We had a few visitors express interest in employment at the Bike Center so I will follow up with them this week to help bolster our roster.

Sarthak came by on Friday and explained a great time-saver for doing on-the-spot 529 bike registrations. This will be a great help in about a month when we’re deluged with incoming students.

The numbers:

Visitors: 20
Sales: $450.50
Bikes (refurb): 2 for $280
Tires/tubes: 5 for $21


Jacob Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Coordinator