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Weekly Update: Slowest week financially, Closing appointment system, New working hours

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on November 30, 2020

All, Maybe the slowest week on record, financially-speaking, as we grossed $8. Hopefully not a preview of the rest of the semester…
Before the break we did have a repeat visitor express interest in volunteering so there is some latent interest in our offerings.
This week we will be closing down our appointment system in favor of our regular open hours offerings. Visits have not been frequent enough to warrant the extra trouble of an appointment system. We’ll be open M/W/F for the rest of the semester, barring any further mitigation efforts.
We’ve got a few bikes from the warehouse to work on and they’ve already proven to be  good teaching candidates for my staff on things like the irreparable damage kickstands can so easily inflict. No one likes leaning their bike against a wall just-so but it beats having to replace it entirely

The numbers:
Sales: $8!


Jacob Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Manager