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Weekly Update: Social Ride, Build-a-Bike

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on August 1, 2022

All, Two weeks back we received three nicer bikes as donations which have proven to be quick fixes. Visit numbers were surprisingly low on Wednesday but that gave us some time to catch up on the piles of wheels and bikes we needed to strip down for parts. Sunday was the Bike Project social ride. On Monday we had a Build-a-Bike completed—a decent hybrid is a great improvement over a too-small roadmaster!—and on Friday we had another member start a Build-a-Bike.

Got an interview for a new hire this week, the Bike Project Members’ Meeting tonight, and one more of the nicer bikes to fix up.

The numbers:

Visitors: 19

Sales: $800.50

Bikes (refurb): 1 for $170

Build-a-Bike: 1 for $50
Memberships: 8 for $240


Jacob Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Coordinator