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Weekly Update - Working Bikes, Fix-a-Flat. Bicycle Food Drive

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on November 4, 2019

All, Last week was productive! We continued counting everything and made some real progress cleaning up here at the shop. I’ll be doing a walk-through this week with TBP on what to keep and not keep. I went to the bike barn and counted bikes: We’ve got 277 to donate to Working Bikes and 56 to keep. Those numbers are rough counts and not exact. Things are relatively organized over there now. Once we set a date for them coming down I’ll move all the bikes we want to keep out of there. Fingers crossed for an easier go of it this time around!
This Thursday we have our Fix-a-Flat class at 11am. Doubtful turnout will be great. It is November, after all.
On Saturday the Bike Project is hosting a bicycle food drive. All donations go to Eastern Illinois Foodbank, and we’ll be promoting that over here at the Bike Center. It’s a fun event I’ve participated in for years. 

This week we’ll keep paring down our stock and keep cleaning up in advance of our TBD move!
The numbers:
Visitors: 61
Sales: $527
Bike (refurb): 1 for $170
Memberships: 2 for $60
Tires/tubes: 10 for $53



Jacob Benjamin
Manager, Campus Bike Center