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Projects Updates for Tikkun Chambana

  1. e-waste project

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    Hello, my name is Jonathan Bressler.  I am the president of Tikkun Chambana, a Jewish environmental RSO.  We are trying to start a pilot campus e-Waste recycling program, as the only drop off for Champaign County according to your website is off campus.  We are doing this in conjunction with Green Purpose LLC, a for-profit recycling company in Champaign.  

    We are starting in The Cohen Center as a pilot before expanding outward to other places.  However, we are also trying to look long-term to secure some sort of funding or grant to allow this to continue.  Therefore, I was wondering if you or someone else at the ITSC could assist with that or direct us elsewhere to any sort of grants you or others may be giving. 

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