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Tikkun Chambana (Ongoing)


Tikkun Chambana is a new, all inclusive, environmental club, committed to helping to protect and educate others about our natural resources as stewards of the land and as Jews.  We strive to accomplish this through a combination of workdays, education, and fundraising with regards to predominantly local initiatives. This includes leaving campus to help out with local or regional projects or through bringing conservation or promoting conservation and environmentally friendly behavior on our own campus. We partner with local and national conservation organizations and initiatives, along with other related University of Illinois RSOs.  Tikkun Chambana also aims to connect other Jews to their Judaism and to look at the conservation ethic through the lens of Judaism. Through this, we hope to create a thriving Jewish community based on a mutual respect for the environment within a broader campus context.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Jonathan Bressler