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Projects Updates for Eco-Olympics


  1. Email to students about CCN

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    From: Foote, Gerard Paul
    Sent: Monday, December 02, 2013 1:19 PM
    To: Mondello, Jessica Rae; Ross, Karoline Jeanne; Myles, Kirsten N; Khan, Nadia; Jones, KeJuan M; Jamal, Sahir S; Anjum, Hiba Sattar; Sheth, Saloni B
    Cc: Johnston, Morgan B; Hochman, Sarah E; Hauger, Kevin J
    Subject: Campus Conservation Nationals Introduction email

    Hello everyone,

    I hope everyone had a great holiday!

    As a follow-up to our initial meeting, I would like to thank you all for your interest in participating in the first ever UIUC CCN competition.

    It is great to find fellow students interested in making a difference in the world, and sustainability in energy conservation is a great place to start.

    This competition is promising to be an Awesome experience!

    Getting started: I would like to schedule a meeting where we discuss the roles needed and create the competition schedule.

    I know these next two weeks are demanding but we need to meet,

    With this in mind;  I  am available most evenings after 5 pm,  Mon and Tue I have prior arrangements but can cancel them if needed.

    Please respond today or Tue with which evenings and times that work or don’t work for you, then I will post the meeting options that meet the majority

    Attached is a sample timeline. Keep  in mind these are recommendations and we may opt to re-arrange to best fit our team’s needs.

    When I met with you there was some question as to the duties in each role participating in the competition, attached is a pdf of sample team position descriptions.

    When responding with meeting times if you already know what role or roles you are interested in please indicate that in your response.  Thank you! This is a link to the competition training webinars, I encourage you to scroll to the bottom and read the CCN Competition Planning Guide and the CCN Data Collection & BuildingOS Guide. These will provide important data for understanding what and how we are going to accomplish CCN, as the competition organization team.

    For those of you that are more ambitious watch the webinars as they are well prepared and explain many facets of the competition in great detail.

    I have downloaded and watched them all!  

    As for an update on the current status of the competition;

    -We have a tentative timeline for collection and competition weeks, however we have been invited to participate in a Big 10 version of the competition as well, this may require us to modify our schedule to match the Big 10 timeline, will update as we progress.

    -The 20 res Halls with metering capability have been identified and I am working with the metering dept. to get training on how to digitally collect this data.

    -Most of the signatures on the CCN registration have been received with 2 remaining this will be completed by Dec 15th 2013.

    Thank you again for your participation and I look forward to working with all of you in creating this Amazing competition at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

    Paul Foote


  2. note about getting students involved

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    -Involving the individual colleges for spreading the word to gain student leaders and volunteers, ex: College of Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, ACES etc… ?

    After gaining their support, I would send a mass e-mail to the admins office and they could forward to students


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