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Approve University Affiliation for Zipcar Membership (Ongoing)

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The Zipcar program was brought to town through a collaboration with MTD, Urbana, Champaign, and the University.  During that process, it was decided that this Zipcar fleet would belong to the Zipcar category for University Programs.  By participating in the University Program, the Illinois students ages 18-20 who have had a drivers license in good standing for over two years can use the Zipcar vehicles in the C-U Fleet.  All members over 21 can use the Zipcar vehicles in any city.

To validate Illinois affiliation, the University must approve all Zipcar membership applications that are applied for via the campus membership page.  This process is handled on a daily basis by staff at Facilities & Services.

Generally, a Zipster applicant completes the online form at  Then F&S approves the UI affiliation.  Then the Zipcar member service team reviews the application, and mails a Zipcard to the new member.  In some rare cases, F&S can provide a Zipcard immediately upon membership approval, in person.  If you have an urgent situation, please contact Zipcar to inquire about an expedited approval process.

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