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Increase Zipcar Membership on Campus (Ongoing)

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The University works with the Office of the Dean of Students and other departments to provide information about the Zipcar program to the campus community.  Information is shared through websites, campus message boards, newspapers, and various events during the year. 

Illinois Students with Drive have had many winners since the program started in October 2011. These 8 groups have won a total of $12,500 in Zipcar credits to help their organizations with transportation needs/funding. You can find all the information submitted by each group on the Facebook App.

  • Camp Kesem
  • UIUC Speech Team
  • University of Illinois Astronomical Society
  • Illinois Biophysics Society
  • Philippine Student Association
  • Presby Hall
  • Industrial Designer's Society of America
  • Genuine Ladiez Movement (G.L.M.)

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Morgan Johnston