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Beckman Cafe Reusable Containers (Proposed)

Recent Project Updates

  • 4/17/2023

    Beckman currently uses reusable trays, plates, and glasses in their cafe. They currently have a dishwasher onsite and will have a larger one in the new project (U22005 Beckman Café Renovation).

  • 2/10/2022

    Dr. Jeff Moore, Director of the Beckman Institute, responded to Morgan White, Associate Director for F&S for Sustainability, with the following email on 1/18/22:


Since the implementation of a 20,000 reusable container fleet in University Dining, additional outlets for the use of reusable containers on campus have been explored by the team. One such location is Beckman Cafe, which is a heavily to-go-centric vendor on campus that could benefit from a reduction in single-use plastics. 


As stated in the iCAP 2020

"Objective #5.3 ensures that items used on campus-particularly at large events- are durable, repairable, and reusable, and that they contribute to our university-wide culture of reuse."

This project is aligned with the goals of cultivating a zero waste culture on campus. Food is an enormous portion of the human experience, and rather than eliminate it, the Zero Waste SWATeam hopes to shift the paradigm towards the sustainable future the University of Illinois is planning. By providing opportunities for students to utilize reusable containers and participate in a reusable dining program, it will not only yield measurable reductions of single-use items in the waste stream, but will also bring sustainability to the forefront of each participant.

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