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As part of its outreach mission, the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) will host a major international conference each fall. We call it the iSEE Congress.

Click here preview iSEE Congress 2015: “Water Planet, Water Crises? Solving the World’s Water-Food Energy Needs Sustainably.”

The purpose of this conference is to assemble leading national and international scientists from different disciplines to present the latest scientific research on grand world challenges of sustainability, energy generation and conservation, and the environment.  Attendees will gain understanding about the latest knowledge in these areas — and the directions for future research, actions and policy frameworks that could contribute to long-term breakthroughs.

Each Congress will provide a forum to not only discuss the challenges facing global water availability, but also to highlight an agenda for actionable research. iSEE hopes that by bringing local, national, and international experts — from academia, industry, governments and NGOs — together for these discussions, it will foster new research collaborations across disciplines and across continents to solve grand world challenges.

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