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Private Donation for Prairie at Florida and Orchard (Completed)

Recent Project Updates

  • 3/12/2021

    Beginning in 2011 Alice Berkson began taking photos at the Florida – Orchard prairie on campus next to the President’s House.  The photos were taken each month from the same locations beginning in 2013.  The two years prior to that all 12 months a

Project Family


John Francis Pizzo and Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. granted the University of Illinois Foundation and Board of Trustees design services, seed, and labor for the creation of a prairie zone at the corner of Florida Avenue and Orchard Street in Urbana. The gift was estimated to be a $20,000 value.

The site of the prairie zone is approximately 117,000 square feet (which translates to about 2.7 acres); the actual prairie restoration will cover 2.5 acres of this site. Maintenance of the prairie will be the responsibility of the University’s Facilities and Services and volunteer efforts.

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