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Sustainability Meet and Greet Coffees (Completed)


At the beginning of Fall 2013, the Center for a Sustainable Environment is hosting a series of Sustainability Meet and Greet coffees to facilitate campus-wide discussion and interest about sustainability efforts on campus and in the community.  These are spread over the entire work week, with coffee and snacks being offered Monday through Friday at the Illini Union from 10-11 each morning.  By offering the event multiple times during the week, it is hoped that more campus students, faculty, and staff will be able to participate.

These coffees are a chance for people interested in local sustainability efforts to meet and brainstorm with each other about ongoing or new  efforts.  There will be sign up opportunities for the Center for a Sustainable Environment's newsletter, to volunteer on various actual projects, and to participate on campus green teams.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Morgan Johnston

    Team Members:

    • Stephanie Lage
    • Amy Rosenbury
    • Steve Breitwieser


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