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Wind Turbine ICECF Grant (Cancelled)

Recent Project Updates

  • 4/17/2010

    In April 2010, Suhail Barot of Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) wrote a letter to Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation (ICECF) to approve a final 1-year grant extension to build the wind turbine at South Farm location.

  • 5/12/2008

    In May 2008, ICECF approved the university's request to build only one wind turbine instead of three because of insufficient funding (based on estimates from GE Wind Energy proposal).


The University of Illinois applied in 2005 to the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation's Renewable Energy Grant Program for assistance with funding an on-campus wind farm.  The original grant proposal was to install three utility-scale 1.5 MW Wind Turbine Generators on Campus South Farms.  The total project cost was estimated as $5.7M, and the funding request from ICECF was for $2M in support of the three-turbine project.  ICECF was extremely supportive of our campus' efforts to create a one-of-a-kind on-campus utility-scale wind farm.  The grant was extended and modified over the next several years, as the University worked to complete the Wind Turbine project. 


After the Borad of Trustees subcommittee cancelled the wind turbine project in November 2011, F&S Sustainability Coordinator Morgan Johnston relinquished the $2M in ICECF grant funds for this project.  We continue to be extremely grateful to the foundation for their support of campus sustainability efforts.

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  • Proposed September 15, 2005
    Proposed by Mathew Matlen
    Approved December 1, 2005
    Approved by ICECF
    Cancelled December 1, 2011
    Cancelled by Morgan Johnston