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August 23, 2017

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Carol Lin is an undergraduate student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment. She plans to become an innovator for environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternatives in the future. While she is currently a clerk for both the Energy Generation, Distribution, & Purchasing and the Energy Conservation & Building Standards SWATeams, she "is always looking for more ways to get involved," she says. 

In the past, Carol worked on the Honduras Water Project, where she contributed to designing a gravity-fed water filtration and distribution system in Cerro Verde. She also enjoys volunteering, such as for the Institute for Solar-Photovoltaic Innovation Research and Edu-training's outreach events on solar energy and with the Society of Women Engineers on iHelp Day. 

Carol, born and raised in Chicago, enjoys trying new dishes from a variety of restaurants in her spare time. She is also a firm believer that pineapple belongs on pizza.