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Key Objective: 10.3 Add New Sustainability-focused Courses

The 2015 iCAP, chapter 10, objective 3 is, "​Add at least five new sustainability-focused courses by FY20."

Associated Metric

Percent of Departments Offering Sustainability Courses


An inventory of sustainability courses and programs is available on iSEE website[1].  This inventory helps students identify courses by categories.  If a student is looking for a sustainability course that fulfills a general education requirement, they can find that course very easily through the inventory. The course inventory has identified more than 350 courses offered by 54 departments on campus.  Additionally, iSEE will offer opportunities for developing new sustainability-focused courses or modifying existing courses by adding sustainability related content and assignments. This will enable existing courses that are not categorized as sustainability-related to be augmented with sustainability focused assignments, guest lecturers, or independent student projects and expand the course work offerings in the area of sustainability.  Finally, iSEE has proposed a new course to begin in Fall 2015 entitled “Sustainability Experience” to provide course credit for students who are applying their disciplinary knowledge to tackle inherently interdisciplinary problems in campus sustainability.  In this course, students will work with faculty, staff, and/or the Student Sustainability Committee to advance campus sustainability goals and the iCAP.





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