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Key Objective: 12.1 iSEE Website

The 2015 iCAP, chapter 12, objective 1 is, "Create a hub for the sustainability community: to develop a comprehensive online gateway for faculty, staff, students, potential donors, and all interested parties to find information about sustainability research, education, outreach, initiatives, and operations." 

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“One of the first recommendations that emerged from the visioning excellence exercise was the creation of an institute that would serve as a research and educational hub for environmental and sustainability initiatives for the entire campus community.” Chancellor Phyllis Wise [1]

To become the hub for sustainability, iSEE underwent a rebranding process to solidify its identity and create a strong, consistent image that will make iSEE a recognized world leader. The cornerstone of the new look is a revamped website intended to draw greater attention to the research, education, outreach, and campus sustainability work at Illinois. A cross-platform, more user-friendly interface encourages exploration and learning for potential donors, corporate partners, government entities, community members  ̶  and of course current and prospective faculty, students, staff, scholars, researchers, and administrators.





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