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Key Objective: 4.6 Appropriately staff sustainable transportation efforts

The 2015 iCAP, chapter 4, objective 6, is "Appropriately staff sustainable transportation efforts, especially through the hiring of an Active Transportation Coordinator." 

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The five strategies outlined above (reducing air travel emissions, reducing fleet emissions, converting the fleet to renewable fuels, a comprehensive mode-shift campaign, and implementing the Campus Bicycle Plan) will require additional staff time.  Efforts to reduce air travel emissions could be spearheaded by iSEE, and efforts to reduce fleet emissions and convert the fleet to renewables can be handled by Transportation & Automotive Services at F&S.  However, the campus currently does not have staff with sufficient capacity to focus on mode-shift and bicycle issues.  In order to fill this critical gap, campus could hire an Active Transportation Coordinator, under the Transportation Demand Management Coordinator at F&S.  The Active Transportation Coordinator would collaborate closely with iSEE and the Transportation SWATeam on the non-infrastructure elements, including incentive programs and education and outreach programs.

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