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Key Objective: 49. Alternative Service Vehicles

Enhance biodiesel options for UI fleet.  Continue use of ASV’s for fleet.  Reduce F&S idling.

Increase hybrid fleet, and alternative service vehicles.

Associated Metric

No metric specified for this objective


"The University has two e-ride utility trucks in the service fleet. Powered by nine eight-volt batteries, the all-electric trucks produce none of the ozone-depleting emissions of gas powered trucks and don't require hazardous chemicals such as antifreeze and oil. All-electric vehicles are not a new concept for the Car Pool, which has had eight Global Electric Motorcars (GEMs) in its fleet since 2004. However, 50 iCAP A CLIMATE ACTION PLAN FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN the e-ride trucks are designed specifically for utility tasks (GEMs are not) and can haul about 1,200 pounds of cargo. Campus Mail, the Paint Shop, the Locksmith Shop and several other units have been test driving eight Mini Trucks from several different manufacturers to gauge their suitability and durability as service vehicles. Although the Mini Trucks are gas-powered, they have smaller engines than fullsize utility trucks and offer better fuel economy, with gas mileage in the 20-30 miles per gallon range. Some vehicles in the campus fleet have been switched to E85. Additionally, a new fuel system that interfaces with modules inside 95 vehicles in the service fleet is enabling Facilities & Services to download, by wireless connection, detailed data about each vehicle's fuel consumption and the amount of time the engine spends idling. Foremen have been asked to work with their crews to reduce the amount of time that service vehicles spend idling whenever possible to help conserve fuel."


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