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Key Objective: 48. Reduce F&S Idling

Enhance biodiesel options for UI fleet.  Continue use of ASV’s for fleet.  Reduce F&S idling.

Reduce idling in F&S vehicles by 10% each year for five years.

Associated Metric

No metric specified for this objective


"Additionally, a new fuel system that interfaces with modules inside 95 vehicles in the service fleet is enabling Facilities & Services to download, by wireless connection, detailed data about each vehicle's fuel consumption and the amount of time the engine spends idling. Foremen have been asked to work with their crews to reduce the amount of time that service vehicles spend idling whenever possible to help conserve fuel."

Associated Project


Project History

  • 1/23/2024

    Shawn Patterson gathered a current vehicle and equipment record from Facilities and Services. Sarthak Prasad, Olivia Messerges, and Shawn Patterson met on December 21, 2023 and January 18, 2024 to discuss the vehicle records.

  • 12/5/2023

    The Transportation iCAP Team met on 12/1/2023 to discuss EVs on campus and action items for the Sustainable Fleet Replacement Plan.