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Virtual Storeroom for Carbon Offsets

The 2015 iCAP chapter 8, objective 2 is, "By the end of FY17, develop an administrative mechanism to enable campus units to voluntarily purchase carbon offsets."  During FY17 and 18, iSEE investigated options to build a virtual storeroom for carbon offsets. The idea was to pre-purchase verified carbon credits at a bulk rate for campus, keep them in the virtual storeroom at iSEE, and resell them to campus departments upon request.  Issues identified with this plan primarily revolved around the validity of carbon offsets available for purchase.

LAS Honors College - Sustainability Partners

A Pilot Program to Enhance Opportunities for LAS James Scholars to participate in Honors and have a Positive Impact on our Community.

Only Community Partners Involved in this Info Night are approved for this pilot program (while there are many wonderful opportunities, this is a pilot so we are deliberately starting small).

No other Partners will be approved for this semester.

This evening, you will learn of some of the needs of our Community Partners.

Art- East Annex Studio 1 Daylighting

The Art East Annex Studio 1 Daylighting is a proposed project to install skylights on the first floor of the Art East Annex Studio 1, which is primarily student studio classrooms and fabrication labs. This portion of the studio is a single story space, which makes skylights a great option. Skylights would be used to supplement and reduce the use of the overhead fluorescent lighting.

ISTC Geothermal Loop

The aim of this project is to investigate the possibility of installing an open-loop geothermal system at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC). Open-loop geothermal systems takes ground water pumped through a large diameter pipe and introduces or extracts heat depending on the season. Installing such a system would give the building an opportunity to reduce total building energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 25 to 50 percent.

Wind Turbine ICECF Grant

The University of Illinois applied in 2005 to the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation's Renewable Energy Grant Program for assistance with funding an on-campus wind farm.  The original grant proposal was to install three utility-scale 1.5 MW Wind Turbine Generators on Campus South Farms.  The total project cost was estimated as $5.7M, and the funding request from ICECF was for $2M in support of the three-turbine project.  ICECF was extremely supportive of our campus' efforts to create a one-of-a-kind on-campus utility-scale wind farm.


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