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01-29-24 Dump & Run Meeting 1

Posted by Charley Marchis on January 29, 2024

Attendance: Pete Varney, Dan Hiser, Miriam Keep, Bryan Johnson, Mark Kuehl, Thurman Etchison, Daphne Hulse


  1. Overview of the budget last year

    1. $6,992.19 spent for the 2023 program

    2. Daphne is determining the number of remaining funds from our SSC award (this will likely be the last year we have funds remaining in our SSC account)

  2. Overview of results last year

    1. Goodwill: 16K lbs (hard household goods)

    2. Salt & Light: 3.5K lbs (soft clothing and bedding)

  3. Overview of this year

    1. Undergraduate residence halls

    2. Explore expansion to graduate residence halls

      1. Orchard Downs

        1. 2 laundry room locations

      2. Ashton Woods

    3. Explore food collection - work with local pantry

    4. iSEE collaboration

      1. Interested in collecting recyclable materials (both that F&S typically collects, as well as special collections)

    5. 3 non-profits interested

      1. Goodwill Land of Lincoln - interested in returning for this year again

      2. Salt & Light - interested in returning for this year again

      3. Habitat for Humanity ReStore - interested in joining this year, wants furniture specifically

  4. Assess last years’ donation site locations (bolded locations were successful, asterisked locations should be reassessed)

    1. Hopkins

    2. Student Dining and Residential Programs

    3. Illinois Street

    4. Lincoln Avenue

    5. Wassaja*

    6. Weston*

    7. Busey-Evans*

    8. FAR/PAR*

  5. Pete & Dan: containers could be opened at 8am and closed at 8pm

  6. Housing suggests that we should look into bolder advertisements in residence halls


Action Items:

  1. Determine exact remaining budget for this year (Daphne)

  2. Identify locations for Orchard Downs & Ashton Woods (Mark, Bryan)

  3. Inquire with Housing communications team about opportunity for advertisement (Mark, Bryan)

    1. + communications for Orchard Downs, Ashton Woods

  4. Reassess FAR-PAR location (Mark, Bryan)

  5. Reassess Busey-Evans location (Mark, Bryan)

  6. Loop in Jenna (Project4Less) into food pantry donation conversations (Thurman, Daphne)

  7. iSEE - what materials will be collected? (Miriam)

  8. Assign locations to non-profit partners, once locations are determined (Daphne)