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Dump and Run (Ongoing)


The end of the spring semester sees thousands of students moving out of on-campus residence halls. A spring move out program, Dump & Run, has been implemented to collect good materials and divert them away from otherwise being discarded in the trash. The collected materials will be donated to local non-profits in Champaign-Urbana to promote the reuse and repurpose of these items. Every year, hundreds of volunteers are needed to assist with this program. Volunteers are stationed at central collection locations across the campus to direct students toward the collection boxes and ensure that the appropriate items are being donated.


Since 2001, University YMCA has used the name Dump and Run to identify the ongoing program to keep quality goods out of Champaign-Urbana’s dumpsters and landfills. Each year, University YMCA collects community-donated goods during the summer and holds a move-in sale near the end of August as University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students return for the fall semester.

In 2012, University Housing asked University YMCA to execute a collection during spring move-out at the undergraduate residence halls. Following the spring move-out collection, items were sorted and stored in trailers over the summer. Summer collections from the larger community continued as usual. The August move-in sale featured donations from both spring and summer. University YMCA and University Housing collaborated until the end of 2019.

University YMCA assessed the University Housing spring collection program and determined that their involvement was no longer necessary. Enough items are donated by the community during the summer to supply goods for the August move-in sale. With the onboarding of the full-time Zero Waste Coordinator at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Facilities & Services became the primary university unit organizing the spring move-out program, in collaboration with University Housing. Facilities & Services has maintained the name Dump and Run to identify the spring move-out collection but will no longer store items over the summer for YMCA’s move-in sale. Items collected will be donated to local non-profit organizations.

Henceforth, Dump and Run is a year-round program, with collections happening at least twice a year, with a spring collection led by Facilities & Services and a summer collection led by University YMCA.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Daphne Hulse

    Project Leader:

    Daphne Hulse

    Team Members:

    • Dan Hiser
    • Bryan Johnson
    • Mark Kuehl
    • Shreya Mahajan
    • Shawn Patterson
    • Sarthak Prasad
    • Dominika Szal
    • Pete Varney
    • Morgan White

    Prior Contacts:

    • Marc Alexander
    • Emily Cross
    • Mike Doyle
    • Bob Flider
    • Jim Hintz
    • Lowa Milwambwe
    • Trey Price
    • Alma Sealine
    • Kasey Umland
    • Joe Vitosky


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