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Zero Waste Woodshop (In Progress)

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The goal of this student-led project is to create a zero-waste woodshop. A significant amount of material flows through the shop at the School of Architecture and most students waste more than they use. By acquiring a few tools to separate synthetic (plastics, EPS, polyurethane foam, etc.) from natural (wood & wood products) materials, the woodshop can drastically minimize waste to the university landfill and use the recaptured material for a multitude of other uses. The School of Architecture is working on procedures that would utilize the separated natural material for fuel energy at the Sustainable Student Farm, for composting needs, for construction uses (e.g. particle board), and for additive in concrete construction. Students using the woodshop will learn how to reduce and reuse waste. The project will also inspire students to do more to reduce their own carbon footprint, encouraging the continuation of future research on the aforementioned topics.


This is a Student Sustainability Committee supported project.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Lowell Miller

    Project Leader:

    Austin Johnson


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